Cowboy Jim Garling

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Winter Wonderland

Snow piled everywhere, up and down the middle of the streets, on the sides of the roads but luckily not on the sidewalks. That is what greeted us in Ponca City as we approached the Ponca Townsite Restaurant. However, it was warm and cozy in the restaurant, and there were wonderful choices of food, food, and more food overseen by owner Tony Radka.

Because of the weather, the crowd was small but friendly. A few folks came to eat and then headed for a special show at the Ponca Theater. Our friends who live in Ponca City Les & Martha Gilliam and Don & Fern Long came and enjoyed the good food and encouraged me in my performance. After the first set and the break we sat and visited.

Then Janet Gary, who made it possible for me to do the show at the restaurant, and I sang a few numbers together. She has a beautiful, classically trained voice; she decided maybe cowboy music was not her calling. But we had a good time. We are hoping that the next time we are invited to the Ponca Townsite it will not have snowed 10” or 12” on the day before. April or May sounds good!


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