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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lost Bid for 2007 Territorial Governor

The campaign for Territorial Governor was over on Friday, November 25. Unfornately I didn't make the cut, but a good, hometown man won--Dennis Ochs.
On Saturday night, as a candidate I got to ride in the Opening Night Parade (for the Christmas season) along with my wife in the very first car. It was the first parade either of us had riden in, and the weather was perfect. The parade ended at the post office corner where the final announcement was made about the winner. Dennis was not present to accept the governorship that evening; he was at the Guthrie Bluejays football game (playoffs). But I'm sure he'll make future parades, since that's the only official duty of a Territorial Governor these days.
The race was a good one in that it brought in over $3,000 for the Chamber of Commerce to be used for advertising the many Christmas events that will take place in Guthrie.
I was delighted that I garnered 1,200 votes, and I believe my campaign raised awareness in the town about the purpose of the Territorial Governor race and what it will mean in bringing people to visit Guthrie.


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