Cowboy Jim Garling

Friday, October 27, 2006

Campaign Jingle

Today I am doing 2 mini concerts at local Guthrie businesses for fund raising. I've just completed a new campaign jingle:

Elect me your governor, make me your man.
You'll never regret you took this firm stand.
I'll spread the word far and wide--
Guthrie's the place to play and reside.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Territorial Governor 2007, Guthrie, Oklahoma

As of yesterday, I am running for Territorial Governor in Guthrie on the platform of being an ambassador of Guthrie with the slogan, “Taking Guthrie to the nation to bring the nation to Guthrie.” Since I travel to many locations throughout Oklahoma and the United States to perform at music venues, this seemed like the perfect slogan in promoting Guthrie. The Territorial Governor race was kicked off at the Chamber of Commerce Coffee with the introduction of three candidates.

The whole objective of the campaign for Territorial Governor is to raise money for the Chamber to advertise the Christmas festivities to bring tourists to Guthrie. Each candidate is given ballots and a ballot box (actually a can) by the Chamber to collect votes. They are also placing “ballot cans” in various businesses throughout Guthrie. People can vote by paying $1.00 per vote and putting the money in the “ballot can” and they can vote more than once or pay for as many votes as they want. (Yes, you can stuff the ballot box.) So if you come to Guthrie, be sure to look me up so you can vote, or visit a local business and put your ballot (or ballots) in the cans there.

There are no “official” duties of this office, but it is a fun way to raise funds for the city. If elected, what a great year to have the title of Territorial Governor during the Centennial of Oklahoma’s Statehood.

Monday, October 09, 2006

10th Annual OIBF, Guthrie, Oklahoma

Friday of the festival I had three more helpers (fiddlers) at the children's tent--Jo Sands from Perry, OK; Stephanie Banta from Yukon, OK; and Emma Pendleton from Tulsa, OK. They did a fabulous job with their outstanding fiddling abilities. We're hoping that some of the children who came to listen will be inspired by these young role models to become involved in fiddling (or other instruments) and music.

On Saturday several of the winners of the 2006 scholarships through the Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival (OIBF) were at the festival to perform before the audience. It gave the winners a great opportunity to perform to a fairly large audience, and their performances allowed the audience to see how their money and donations help these students. The students can use their scholarships for private music lessons or for music camps. I was privileged to MC this event. Some of these young people have been my students and have won scholarships in previous years which have helped them improve their skills.

During the festival there were two auctions that raised additional money to be awarded to students in coming year. To find out more about this program log onto:

Saturday, October 07, 2006

10th Annual Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival, Guthrie, OK

Jim had a helper in the children's tent on Thursday of the festival--Miss Chelsea Beck, who yodels and sings western/cowboy music--extraordinarily, I might add. Chelsea is from Kingfisher, Oklahoma.

On this day rotating through the children's tent were two groups, one group of third grade children from a local school and a group of 3- and 4-year-olds. Jim and Chelsea told them a little bit about instruments (guitars & voices) and about cowboy music. Then all participated in singing, clapping, and a little yodeling. Chelsea was an excellent yodel teacher.

At one point, in the smaller groups, Jim and Chelsea gave the little "buckaroos" and "buckarettes" an opportunity to strum the guitars, and then the children were off to participate in making crafts that the OIBF volunteers had laid out for them to do.

I think the children enjoyed the program, the crafts, and last but not least, the opportunity to be out of school for a field trip!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gene Autry Film & Music Festival, Gene Autry, Oklahoma

Every year on the weekend closest to Gene Autry’s birthday of September 29, the Gene Autry Museum in Gene Autry, Oklahoma, puts on the Gene Autry Film & Music Festival featuring cowboy movies, live music, celebrity panels, autographs, memorabilia vendors, comedy and cowboy poetry. There are two stages with non-stop performances during the day beginning at 11:00 a.m.. The main stage continues on into the evening hours rounding out the day with as much music as you could want. Not only does this festival provide great entertainment for the public but it also generates funds to keep the museum running throughout the year.

This year I met people from the audience and entertainers who were from numerous states—Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, California, New Mexico, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa, Arkansas.
I was fortunate to have a nice spot on the Saturday evening show, and as part of my set, I sang the song “A Cowboy’s Life” which I wrote. It seemed to be well received by the audience. Earlier in the day I sang another song I wrote, called “Up the Draw” as a tribute to Bruce Dillman who passed away in August. For those of you who do not know Bruce, he was the administrator of all that was happening at the festival in terms of preparation of the written program, ticket sales, recruiting and scheduling of entertainers. We miss him tremendously.